January 2020

Teaching is frustrating and often chaotic, but I loved the fact that every year I got to clean the blackboards, clear my desk and look forward to a fresh start in September. January holds a similar promise at home. After the usually joyful chaos and clutter of the holidays, it’s time to put away the lights and ornaments, re-calculate my journey, and maybe pack a bit lighter for the next part of the adventure.

Early in 2019, I started to organize Coffee Talk, an eccentric and eclectic collection of random writing, into a magazine format, mainly so that I would have some goals and deadlines to keep me on the path. Everyone should pause to smell the flowers along the path, but after I retired, I found myself pausing most of the time!

Coffee Talk is still very much a work in progress, but I have been encouraged by knowing that I have a few readers, and your comments and questions have lifted my spirit and my motivation.

I am moving to a more blog-like production schedule, posting on a selected theme throughout each month instead of the once-a-month magazine style which felt familiar to my last-century mind and so was a good way for me to start.

The theme for January is “A Fresh Start.” I want to wish you a Happy 2020!

This Month in Coffee Talk

Why Not Go Shopping

What Is An Organized Space?

Nana Didn’t Know the Word Minimalist, but She Was One

Who Needs to Get Organized?

Organized and Picture-Perfect Are Not Equal

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