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FB_IMG_1485218297714The posts on these pages are samples from four different blogs. Click here to see the samples, or click on these links to see all of the articles on a particular blog. From my window is an attempt to show you the world as I see it. How about Mexico? draws on what I have learned in years of living in this amazing country. An ordinary life is an autobiography of sorts, stories collected for my biological and spiritual descendants. Not-so-ordinary lives is a place for sharing stories of people who have overcome obstacles to live joyfully and productively. I have loved to read and write ever since I learned how. Teaching language in Mexico and the United States gave me many opportunities to do both. I am now retired in Cancun, Mexico. When I am not at the beach, I am the self-declared publisher, editor, and writer of this idiosyncratic collection of observations, opinions, and recollections from my peripatetic life.

From my window

windowsquare“If you want the people to understand you, invite them to your life and let them see the world from your window!” ~ Mehmet Murat ilda ~ This is the actual view from my bedroom window in Cancun. I am retired from teaching, so I channel my obsession for editing students papers to my own work, reviving an interest in journalism that was on the back burner while I worked and raised a family.

How about Mexico?

MAP FOR LOGOI have lived in Mexico off and on since 1965, the on a total of almost thirty years, as wife, mother, teacher, translator, and retiree. I want to share a few things I have learned along the way with anecdotes, information, and advice for travelers and residents.

 An Ordinary Life


These memories were written with my family in mind, but I welcome other readers and I would love to hear stories of other ordinary lives. Our lives are made of the stories we tell about ourselves and the stories others tell about us. I  wish I had realized sooner that my grandparents’ untold stories would die with them. This is my attempt to see that my descendants will be able to tell some stories of the ordinary people who lived before them.

Not-so-ordinary Lives


It is tempting to make excuses for our own inaction, failures, and shortcomings by pointing to some misfortune in the past. “…couldn’t afford college.” “…parents dirt poor.” “…bullied.” And so forth. Once in awhile, you meet someone who has made a good life in spite of unbelievable misfortune. I want to tell some of their stories.

Ronen Alejandro Medina Mendoza, of Saltillo, Mexico, is such a person. He was abandoned, along with four siblings, to the care of an impoverished grandmother by their mother, a cabaret dancer. He was abused by family members and strangers when he was too young to defend himself, but he has risen far above those circumstances to teach and inspire others to live compassionately and victoriously.


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